Specialist Cleaning Services


Diamond Shine Cleaners provides all our clients with a professional laundry cleaning service.
It so often happens, that with our busy lifestyles laundry can often go neglected.

At Diamond Shine Cleaners, we have declared war on clutter. We provide a full laundry service that cleans, dries and folds your laundry. We bring order, back to your wardrobes.

Our laundry service extends to curtains, bed sheets, duvets, blankets and anything else you may need.

A minimum of three hours of laundry service is required per booking.


We provide a full ironing pick-up and drop-off service that involves picking up your laundry from your premises, ironing the clothing at our dedicated laundry workshop, before dropping the freshly ironed clothes back at your location.

Don’t let all your ironing accumulate into an unmanageable mess, allow Diamond Shine Cleaners to pick up and deliver freshly ironed and folded laundry that instantly brings order to your wardrobe.

For more information on our professional ironing service, get in contact with Diamond Shine Cleaners today.

Special Kids & teenagers Room Cleaning

Diamond Shine Cleaners provides an expert kids and teenager room cleaning service that organises and tides even the most neglected of bedrooms.
Our team organise toys, clothes and electronics to maximise the available space. We create an organised bedroom that's clean and free of clutter.

We make sure that a childs or a teenager’s room is an organised and productive space, perfect for homework and play time.

For additional information on our range of professional services, get in contact with Diamond Shine Cleaners today.